Friday, February 05, 2010

Choked with Wordlessness

I realize that I need to blog everyday.  That is going to be a very good thing for me.  Flexing those perpetually atrophying writing muscles.  It will, however, not be a good thing for you, Dear Reader.  For instance, today's post is going to be crap.  Crap because my new-found resolve for writing that came upon me like a midnight clear after the big yoga/writing retreat, has been stabbed in it's heart with a sharp shard of ennui.

I haven't found anything of late worth remarking upon.  I have lost my that burning need I once had to write down all my thoughts for ... reasons I now can't even remember.  Nevertheless, my need to write something - anything - must outweigh your need to be even remotely entertained.

So, with that, I say thank you for clicking in today and wading through the dregs of the rusty and dented hazardous waste drum of my mind.

Please come back again though as my hope is that there will be more here than this asshattery when you return.


cheesefairy said...

Well if YOU'RE blogging every day, maybe I should too. After all, you like cheese. And tacos. I also like tacos.

Matthew said...

I feel you about the occasional, and sometimes frequent, gaps in writing.

What do you think about committing to a blogger's challenge? (Somewhat akin to having accountability partners.) We collectively come up with some blog topics, and each of us must write whatever comes to mind on each topic on our blogs. We could do this daily (most ambitious), weekly (moderately ambitious) or monthly (slacker!). If you're up to it, the only thing we need to figure out is frequency. From there, we would just need a set time to brainstorm and organize topics.

Let me know what you think.

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