Friday, February 12, 2010

Being There

Valentine’s Day always makes me wonder what other people's most significant "Be There Moment” is.  The moment I fell head over heels in love with my (eventual) husband was my most important one.  

I imagine everyone's had a Be There Moment. 

The Hail Mary is thrown, you run your ass off to get to the ball, close your eyes and reach out your hands with a simple prayer, “Be there.”  And it is.  

You get to the bank/store/airport and can’t find your check/wallet/tickets/passport.  You wrack your brain wondering where in the hell it could be, run back to your car/locker/apartment and just pray, “Please be there,” and it is.  They go on and on.

Mine was Super Bowl Sunday 1994, a little after midnight.  A soft tap on my dorm room door.  “Be there,” I prayed.  And he was.  Happy Valentines Day Moon. I’d do it all over again.   

Wishing everyone a lovely V-Day Weekend with someone they love.

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