Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She Could . . .

for JC

She could . . .

look into the eyes
of a screaming two-year-old child
who wants Bugs Bunny
doesn't want Bugs Bunny
wants Donald Duck
doesn't want Donald Duck
wants cookies crackers juicy fruit fruity snacks fruit juice and milk
doesn't want cookies crackers juicy fruit fruity snacks fruit juice OR milk
or any of the other two hundred and forty seven varieties
of colorful teddy bear dinosaur dolly or animal shaped munchies
with which she has been trying to bribe me into silence for the past three quarters of the day

and she could...

convince me with just the look in her eyes
the threat in her glare
the lift of her eyebrows
and the pierce of her stare
without touching a single hair
on my precious, precocious
this close to death little head
that unless I stopped my voluminous obnoxious
high pitched STOMPING and SCREAMING!

there will BE no Bugs Bunny
there will BE no Donald Duck
there will BE no cookies or crackers or fruity snacks
or even one single red yellow green blue OR orange Otter Pop

maybe FOR EVER!


I calmed down and got REAL quiet




She could ...

hold close to her breast that self same little child
and convince me that in her bosom
I’d be safe from ANYTHING!

and that included:
scary masks
monsters in the closet
dark shadows across the floor
violent movies
loud music
the sound of a slamming door


even those faceless shapeless nameless scary things
that linger unrecognized but still haunt my dreams

She could ...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is it, so welcome to me.

I have just given birth to this blog and it, thankfully, was slightly less painful than the birth of my child.
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